A beloved location that can make any visitor feel truly alive as they take in a breath of fresh sea air.

Look across the open waters, knowing that there is nothing between you and America except a few islands dotted across the sea. Visit Land’s End for a new experience.

A brief history of Land’s End

Land’s End has had many names: Belerion, Penwith Steort, Londeseynde, Penn an Wlas. But today, many simply know its English name of “Land’s End”; the furthest edge of England that you can travel to, looking out to nothing but ocean, with no other piece of the UK in sight.

Thanks to research and discoveries over the years, we know that people have been travelling to Land’s End and even living there for over 10,000 years. Throughout the years, Land’s End has held a fascination for many people and has inspired many to create art or spread legends about it. The mythical ‘Lost Land of Lyonesse’ is said to rest beneath the waves; located between Land’s End and the Isles of Scilly. According to the legends, Lyonesse was a part of King Arthur’s realm that was drowned taken by the sea on a stormy night.

Over 130 shipwrecks around Land’s End have been recorded over the years, and that’s not counting the estimated ones that are unrecorded. Thankfully, today, Longships Lighthouse at Land’s End forms one point of a triangle of lights for ships: Longships Lighthouse, Wolf Rock Lighthouse and the Lizard Lighthouse make up one of the most well-lit waterways in the British Isles.

Today, Land’s End welcomes over 500,000 visitors and tourists each year.

Where to go and what to do

Try to find the farthest edge of the area and look out over the ocean. Land’s End stands two hundred feet above the Atlantic Ocean, giving incredible views in all directions (even if you’re looking back the way you came). Land’s End is a designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, one of just 46 parts of Britain with that moniker.

Visit Greeb Farm, a restored 200-year-old farmstead, that can offer you the chance to meet many friendly animals. Pet some llamas, witness the art of the Farm’s talented craftworkers, or simply get to know the chickens and piglets here.

Give surfing a try with Smart Surf School. Catering to Sennen Cove, this school is just one mile away from Land’s End Landmark and has excellent reviews from all of its new and returning surf students. There’s also Sennen Surfing Centre, which works out of the same area and is just as loved.

Where to stay

There aren’t too many places to stay immediately in or near Land’s End, but we do have a good choice for you:

The Land’s End Hotel is moderately priced per night and has good reviews. It’s a Victorian hotel that is full of charm and situated above those 200 foot cliffs we briefly mentioned earlier in this article. It’s an iconic place to stay, that’s for certain. The hotel has a restaurant, too, making life a little easier for your stay at the end of England.