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Check out whats happening in and around St Ives with our St Ives Webcam. With over 20 views, we provide stunning views especially at Christmas & New Year. Please note: These cameras are licensed to Pednolver apartments.

If its looking at the views out to sea or zooming in on the harbour beach, you’re going to get the best view of St Ives around. You can use this when planning your trip to St Ives or even just sit back and watch the beauty from your home.

For new visitors to Cornwall see if you can spot the famous landmarks that give this classic coastal town its character: Smeatons Pier, The Island, The Sloop Inn, the Harbour Beach and many more.

You may just want to see if it is raining – but please bookmark this page it shows all the information you need for your trip to St Ives.

St Ives

St Ives

St. Ives built its wealth on pilchard fishing, and trading slate and minerals. In 1770, the harbour of St. Ives was improved by the construction of a pier by John Smeaton and this (among other things) helped to protect the town from storm-blown sand which had caused issues in earlier years gone by.

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Looking for something to do in St Ives things to do in St Ives? Take a look at our guide today to discover where to visit.

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